On-Site Dispensing Solution

Physician Dispensing Solution

Point-of-Care Dispensing Advantages

Provides Patient Convenience / Satisfaction


Patient convenience is one of the most obvious benefits of providing on-site dispensing. Having a comprehensive solution is key. We are a leading national provider of a full service Physician In-Office Dispensing Pharmacy. Our In-Practice Physician Rx Dispensing Program has over 2,500 generic, brand name and OTC medications, injectables, creams, ointments, liquids and suspensions. Patients appreciate receiving medications in the physician's office in order to avoid a trip to the pharmacy. Besides travel time, wait times at many pharmacies can be 30-60 minutes. This is especially meaningful for patients who are suffering acute sickness or pain, or are dealing with young children or the elderly.  Practices that have optimized our full-featured online dispensing solution can dispense a patient’s prescription in less than two minutes.  Many practices have told us after a few months on the program that, “Patients love this so much – I don’t know why we didn’t do this a long time ago.” One of our most surprising discoveries is the number of practices who have told us that while the additional revenue is nice, the main objective and benefit of the program for them is patient satisfaction...period.  


Improves Patient Compliance / Outcomes

Increased patient compliance is another benefit many practices appreciate. The AMA estimates that approximately 30 percent of all prescriptions in the US are never filled. Providing the medication at checkout with an In-House Physician Dispensing Solution improves patient compliance with doctors' prescribed orders. Patients can start medications right away which in turn improves outcomes. For patients who are sensitive about privacy of their illnesses and medications, the confidentiality of receiving their medication at the medical office is a major plus.  


Increases Practice Productivity / Revenue

Best point-of-care dispensing solution available. Affords patient convenience, patient compliance, and  practice profitability including cost savings. Most practices spend many hours each week communicating with pharmacies on medication related matters. The MGMA estimates each call to/from a pharmacy costs a practice $7. Having a Physician Dispensing Solution in-house saves time and money. It's like having your own practice pharmacy. Instead of costing you money, your practice can generate more annual net revenue per prescribing provider with a point-of-care dispensing solution that is automated, optimized and well integrated with staff routines. The exact amount you will earn is dependent on factors such as the size and type of practice, the number of patients seen each day, the ratio of brand vs. generic drugs prescribed and filled, payer mix of the practice and the utilization rate of the program. Let us will create a custom analysis for you of what our solution could mean to your practice. For an overview of other relevant practice solutions available in the healthcare industry today, please visit OptiWell MD Practice Solutions 


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